I guess they don’t like In-mates here?

The Noz is Stevey – Just an FYI for you derelicts that don’t get it.

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You are now chatting with ‘Mindy’
Mindy: Hello Stevey! How may I help you?
Stevey : what’s up girlfried
Stevey : i’m fabulous!!
Mindy: Are you interested in attending one of the Art Institutes?
Stevey : You know it girl..
Stevey : are ya there?
Mindy: Which location are you interested in?
Stevey : what do you have on the west coast.. anything by San Fran.. near the rainbow grotto
Mindy: We have a location in San Francisco.
Mindy: Which program of study are you interested in?
Mindy: Here’s the link to the programs offered at the The Art Institute of California – San Francisco:
Stevey : i want all fashion baby.. i’m looking to be the first man to bring out The High Heel for Men, dwarves and Hobbits!
Mindy: That’s great! Here is a link to our Fashion Design program:
Mindy: When are you thinking about starting school?
Stevey : You think it’s a good idea?
Mindy: That’s great goal!
Mindy: When are you looking to start?
Stevey : As soon as i get out of prison.. so if I had to lock down a time frame… i’d say 3-6 months..
Mindy: Have you had the chance to speak with an admissions representative yet about your interest in attending?
Stevey : Mindy.. you are the first women i’ve talked to in about 2 years..
Mindy: What I’d recommend is that you talk to an admissions representative to discuss the admissions process and the details of the program. If you provide me with your full name and phone number, I can have someone contact you. Would that be helpful?
Stevey : well i don’t have a phone in my cell girl.. you on facebook?
Mindy: We are currently helping other students that are interested in our schools and programs. This is not a chat room for entertainment purposes. I would be happy to assist you in regards to questions


2 responses

  1. Funny how they only stay friendly for so long

    April 10, 2009 at 2:47 pm

  2. LOL
    Mindy didn’t think you were very funny. 🙂

    April 14, 2009 at 8:18 pm

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