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Amir@IIT: Welcome to Live Help, how are you today?
Rollo Tomasi: hhhhhhheeeelllll pppp
Rollo Tomasi: hello i
Amir@IIT: Hi, my name is Amir from IIT, what seems to be the problem?
Rollo Tomasi: I cant find my mouse
Amir@IIT: Are you on a laptop or desktop?
Rollo Tomasi: i believe its a desktop
Amir@IIT: ok, can you “physically” not find your mouse, or is it not showing up on your desktop?
Rollo Tomasi: physically? I dont see my mouse icon maybe?
Rollo Tomasi: should i press ctrl alt del maybe…
Amir@IIT: And you are not bale to use your mouse at all?
Rollo Tomasi: no and I really need it
Amir@IIT: excuse me, not able to use your mouse?
Rollo Tomasi: should my mouse have red eyes?
Amir@IIT: I am sorry to hear that you are having issues when you need your pc. I think we can help though. What zip code do you live in?
Rollo Tomasi: 574
Amir@IIT: city and state?
Rollo Tomasi: niles, mi
Rollo Tomasi: but my mouse is in chicago
Rollo Tomasi: you know what i think i found out whats wrong
Amir@IIT: is there anything else I can help you with today?
Rollo Tomasi: what have you helped me with
Amir@IIT: If you would like, I can have a professional come to your home or office and either replace a lost mouse, or if you have one and it is not working find a solution.
Rollo Tomasi: would they come to my semi trailer?
Rollo Tomasi: hello is the service always this fast?
Rollo Tomasi: Bamir?
Amir@IIT: Sorry, we would not come out to a semi trailer, but if you have a home or business address we would be happy to assist
Rollo Tomasi: what if i parked it in front of my business or home?
Rollo Tomasi: i have a tom tom maybe i could get half off if i come to you?
Rollo Tomasi: Bamir?
Amir@IIT: Are yous till having issues with your mouse?
Rollo Tomasi: Smilie yes that is why im here.
Rollo Tomasi: you think it could be the driver?
Amir@IIT: Describe what is happening in more detail for me. You mentioned you do not have an icon, can you see the pointer on the screen?
Rollo Tomasi: nope just some bugs?
Amir@IIT: I am sorry…you see bugs on your screen?
Rollo Tomasi: yeah in my semi
Amir@IIT: Do you have a mobile phone we can contact you at in your location in Chicago?
Rollo Tomasi: nope sorry i have a tom tom can i come to the office? Im losing sleep over this mouse
Amir@IIT: If you would like to drive to 3033 Excelsior Blvd. ste G-10 in Minneapolis, Minnesota I would be happy to look at it and find a solution for you.
Rollo Tomasi: ill get back to you im being pulled over now
Rollo Tomasi: lovely
Amir@IIT: Be safe out there.
Rollo Tomasi: have fun BAMIR
Amir@IIT: You to Rollo, thank you.
Rollo Tomasi: “ill be back ” Terminator get it
Amir@IIT: Anytime Rollo.
Rollo Tomasi: you like rollo’s?
Amir@IIT: Big time.
Rollo Tomasi: Nice hold on Sargent Smith is talking to me he is making fun of my mouse
Rollo Tomasi: he says you should fix it for free
Amir@IIT: Have a nice day!
The support operator has closed this support request.
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