Noz goes to college?


So The Noz has decided to check out going back to college.. the last trip there was filled with hops and bong residue.. this time we are SERIOUS! We decided to contact a local school thru their website.. He is how it when down.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with ‘Jodi’
Jodi: Hello Tyler! How may I help you?
Tyler Durden: Hello, i was wondering if you can tell me what time the classes are for the Digital Photography courses in Seattle
Jodi: Are you a current student?
Tyler Durden: no, i just moved to Seattle to start some new fight clubs and I’d like to finish up my degree. I have 63 credits from another college.. But i worked during the day with the Cobra Commander
Jodi: At this time, we do not have a set schedule for the programs. It could change every quarter depending on what classes are offered.
Tyler Durden: is there any classes after 4:30pm that you know of? Are you the Jodi from Full House?
Jodi: I would be more than happy to get you in touch with an admissions representative. They can talk to you about the schedule in more detail as well as the flexibility.
Jodi: Sorry-I am not her! 🙂
Tyler Durden: that’s too bad.. i’m sure you are smarter than her. Have you taken any classes from this school?
Jodi: I am sorry, but I have not. I work with all of The Art Institutes!
Jodi: Have you requested information before?
Tyler Durden: why do you ask?
Tyler Durden: what is the website for the course class listing?
Jodi: I would be more than happy to let your admissions representative know that you are interested in the schedule.
Jodi: Here is a link that will show you the classes.
Tyler Durden: that was almost creepy.. it automatically came up on my screen. Is there a website that lists all the majors for Indianapolis? also do you know Bob Saget?
Jodi: Here is the link for the programs. You will have to click on the (4) types of programs, then click on programs & curriculums.
Jodi: This will show you the list!
Tyler Durden: Thanks.. do you know if the Chicago location is better? or have more options
Jodi: There may be more programs available, but we do not rank our schools in any fashion.
Jodi: Here’s the link to the programs we offer at The Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago:
Tyler Durden: Nice.. you are a plethora of information.. do you also work for
Jodi: I try to give the best information!
Jodi: Would you like to put in a request for more information with our admissions department?
Tyler Durden: will you be there if I need someone to hold my hand?
Jodi: I am sorry but I will not be at the campuses. Your admissions representative would be more than happy to help though!
Tyler Durden: In all seriousness, i will take the photo # to the chicago campus
Jodi: Sure! The number to the school is 800-351-3450.
Jodi: Would you also like me to put a request in for you?
Tyler Durden: no that’s ok.. those recruiters will hunt me down until i give them a vial of my Ginger Vampire Blood… oh and by the way..
Jodi: Ok! That’s not a problem!
Tyler Durden: well Jodi.. if that’s your real name.. go buy yourself a big cup of coffee and enjoy the morning over there in Prague
Jodi: Thanks! You have a great day yourself!
Tyler Durden: thanks… hey can i borrow $20


Thanks for the NSA

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