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12:05:26 PM  System                 
Initial Question/Comment: Listing Your Item               
12:05:31 PM  System                 
Thank you for contacting eBay Live Help!                
12:05:31 PM  System                 
You are successfully connected to eBay Live Help. Please hold
for the next available Live Help Agent.          
12:05:51 PM  System                 
Martin B. has joined this session!                
12:05:51 PM  System                 
Connected with Martin B.                 
12:05:56 PM  Martin B.                 
Hello, thanks for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Help! My name is Martin.
How may I help you?          
12:06:30 PM  Tyler                  
yeah Im trying to sell a Bob Saget Action figure and Im having problems
with what category I should put it in?         
12:06:46 PM  Martin B.                 
oh! I see.                   
12:06:53 PM  Tyler                  
Are you a Fan?                  
12:07:26 PM  Martin B.                 
Hmm.. Actually, I’m not a fan.                 
12:07:52 PM  Tyler                  
What!?!?! so can you help me if you dont like him?               
12:07:56 PM  Martin B.                 
With so many categories to choose from on eBay, deciding which category is best for your item can be difficult.         
12:08:15 PM  Tyler                  
I know you see my problem.                 
12:08:52 PM  Martin B.                 
you can access two helpful resources (the details are described below):              
12:08:58 PM  Martin B.                 
The Suggested Categories feature generates a list of categories based on your keywords.
It also shows you typical items from each category.      
12:09:31 PM  Tyler                  
Hhhhmmm what about like with Barbie and Ken is there a section for that or even Thundercats?          
12:09:51 PM  Martin B.                 
To use Suggested Categories, please follow these steps:               
1. Go to the Sell Your Item form.                
12:09:56 PM  Martin B.                 
2. Enter the keywords that describe your item in the “What are you selling?” box, and then click the
“Sell It” button.        
12:10:08 PM  Martin B.                  
The system will generate a list of suggested categories. The Suggested Categories feature is available
for both main and secondary categories.      
12:10:28 PM  Tyler                  
So no Bob Saget Category?                 
12:10:46 PM  Martin B.                 
What you can do is you also can try a Completed Listings search. This will give you an idea of the categories
and titles that other sellers used to sell items similar to yours.   
12:10:56 PM  Martin B.                 
To search for the Completed Listings, please follow these steps:              
1. Click the “Advanced Search” link located at the top of most eBay pages.            
12:11:06 PM  Martin B.                 
2. Enter your keywords and any other search information.               
3. Select the “Completed listings” check box in the “Search including” section.             
4. Click the “Search” button. You may be asked to sign in.              
12:11:10 PM  Tyler                  
Have you ever sold an action figure like Bob?               
12:11:31 PM  Martin B.                 
No, I never an action figure like Bob.                
12:11:39 PM  Tyler                  
excuse me?                  
12:12:06 PM  Martin B.                  
Frankly speaking, every person has their own taste.              
12:12:11 PM  Tyler                  
you think I could get at least $2 for each Bob?               
12:12:26 PM  Martin B.                 
Yes, you may get.                   
12:12:50 PM  Tyler                  
I have my whole life ridding on this investment I hope its no AIG scam             
12:13:12 PM  Tyler                  
You prefer AIG over BoB?                 
12:13:56 PM  Tyler                  
Okay i get it you dont like either How about But it now or auction style?              
12:14:52 PM  Tyler                  
hhhmm maybe amazon is more suitable for my auction               
12:14:56 PM  Martin B.                 
It’s upon your discretion, you can either list the items with Buy It Now price or in auction format.          
12:15:16 PM  Martin B.                 
It would be better if you list it in Buy It Now price.               
12:15:40 PM  Tyler                  
Nice what if I have a bob Saget that looks like Jesus with sun glasses on?             
12:17:21 PM  Martin B.                 
I do understand what you are trying to say. Every person on earth has their own taste. You are a big fan of
Bob saget but not every person on earth likes it.     
12:17:22 PM  Martin B.                 
Am I right?                  
12:17:36 PM  Tyler                  
Your a Stamos Fan?                  
12:17:36 PM  Martin B.                 
I hope you understand.                 
12:18:16 PM  Martin B.                 
Yes, I’m a fan of his.                  
12:18:41 PM  Tyler                  
Sweet Well when I get his Action Figure I will look you up Martian B             
12:18:56 PM  Martin B.                 
He is an Emmy Award-nominated American television/theatre actor.             
12:19:06 PM  Martin B.                 
I just love him.                  
12:19:26 PM  Martin B.                 
12:19:33 PM  Tyler                  
That Awesome Martian I am glad you have a hero but what about BOB?              
12:19:56 PM  Martin B.                 
Matthew berry?                  
Do you like                  
12:20:01 PM  Martin B.                 
12:20:31 PM  Martin B.                 
He has got a second name “Chandler”.                
12:20:37 PM  Tyler                  
No he is Noz I prefer Bob Saget 3-1 over just about anyone except Uncle Jessie             
12:21:31 PM  Martin B.                  
See, you have your own taste, I can’t force you to accept matthew perry as your favorite actor.          
12:21:53 PM  Tyler                  
maybe do you have an action figure for him?               
12:22:11 PM  Martin B.                 
No, I don’t keep action figures.                
12:22:31 PM  Tyler                  
Man Martian how do you pick up chicks or are the gay?              
12:23:11 PM  Martin B.                 
I’m sorry but I cannot discuss this. If you have any eBay related issues, you can go ahead and I’ll help you out.         
12:23:30 PM  Tyler                  
you have done enough Martian enjoy our planet               
12:24:01 PM  Martin B.                 
It’s been a pleasure chatting with you. I’ll leave this window open for now so you can copy any information you want.
To close this chat window, go ahead and click on the “Exit” button whenever you’re ready.
12:24:06 PM  Martin B.                 
Bye and take care.                                 


4 responses

  1. Why not a Dave Coolie action figure?

    May 6, 2009 at 2:13 pm

  2. alf?

    May 6, 2009 at 10:06 pm

  3. I don’t have time for this chicken shit bullshit grandma

    May 7, 2009 at 1:27 pm

  4. jamie

    hi, mr. saget,can we get full house back togther and elvis will be there

    January 2, 2010 at 4:07 pm

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