IRS $$ makes it rain on the Superbowl

There are Millions of Nozs Counting on Us!
There are Millions of Noz’s Counting on Us!

Okay the IRS will collect enough to make Enron, Exxon and Haliburton Jealous.  Of course by the time you read this the banks they lend it to will have spent it on golf clubs, stippers, and blow.  The Noz thinks on the bright side………  Well if there was a bright side it would probably be like the dark side the moon.  So just think where all of your hard earned money is going.  So stop complaining pay your taxes on time so they can plan there vacations! I mean hello… we are the people that keep Scores in business.. oh wait.. I’m sure they get a bailout.

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Thanks for the NSA

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